Moses H. Thompson House, 1870, The Ridge

the ridge ga thompson house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing coastal georgia usa 2016

William H Davis writes: This is the Thompson family home. My great-great grandmother bought the lot behind this house from the Thompsons in the 1880s. The home is still in her estate but is abandoned. I spent many happy summers there on The Ridge.

The present owner, Virginia Hames Troy, is restoring the house. She writes: The first owner of our 1870 house, Moses H. Thompson, sold an adjoining lot to Mr. Davis’ great-great-grandmother (a friend of Mrs. Thompson’s) and also a few acres further back to James Cromley, who was Sapelo Island’s lighthouse keeper from 1873 -1889. Moses Thompson was a manager for Hilton Lumber Company’s sawmill on Union Island which was located near the site of Blue N Hall Marina. There are interesting stories about Thompson and 19 other men who were captured by Union soldiers while trying to run a Union blockade of Doboy Sound. Most were taken to a prison in Philadelphia and had to walk home to Georgia at the end of the Civil War.

The Ridge Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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4 responses to “Moses H. Thompson House, 1870, The Ridge

  1. Melissa Pooe Scott

    This home has been beautifully restored and today is once again a gem in McIntosh County.

  2. Diane Thompson Dixon

    What Thompson line is this?

  3. tom warnock

    The Ridge is mentioned several times in the book ‘Children of Pride’.

  4. Rachel Frey

    I totally love this house…where is it near? Any chance it can be saved?


    Rachel D. Bowen The Trammell House 55 Trammell Street Marietta, GA 30064 678-360-8159

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