Archie’s Restaurant, Circa 1975, Darien


First opened at a nearby location in 1940, and once known as the Shrimp Boat Restaurant, Archie’s was a longtime Darien landmark and a favorite stop for travelers along the busy Coastal Highway (US 17).


As traffic moved off 17 and onto nearby I-95, business slowed and the restaurant was closed by 2006. The structure seen here opened circa 1975 and was demolished in 2015.




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5 responses to “Archie’s Restaurant, Circa 1975, Darien

  1. Andrea Cooler

    Not only the best shrimp, but a plate full.

  2. Quincy

    It actually was founded in 1937. Billy Bolin says the sign was made later. And yes it was such a Darien icon.

    • Diana Howard

      started working there in 1972,off and on for the next 7or 8 years,best boss and family, loved working there.made Darien … Diana Howard…archie and Bob used to be our bus boys…

  3. Andy

    They had the best fried shrimp and hush puppies.

  4. b chewning

    My wife and I used to vacation at St. Simons often, but even with all of their tremendous restaurants we always drove up to Darien at least once to eat lunch at Archie’s.

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