Asendorf House, 1899, Savannah

German immigrant Cord Asendorf (1858-1944) settled in Savannah in 1872 and became a U. S. citizen in 1879. He first clerked for his uncle, John M. Asendorf in his grocery store on the corner of Jones and Habersham Streets, before opening his own store on Tattnall Street in 1881. After selling the business to his brother, he opened stores in at least two more locations, and also owned a bar. He was well respected in business and social circles and counted among his friends fellow German immigrant and prominent Savannah baker Captain John Derst. He married Bernadine Hagen, also a German immigrant, in 1890. The Asendorfs bought this property on Bull Street in 1898, in what was then considered “wilderness” and Mr. Asendorf hired the Hawley Construction Company to build this house (for $3000) in 1899. It is unclear whether the design came from a pattern book or was a whimsical collaboration between Asendorf and Hawley. Cord and Bernadine raised eight children here. Bernadine died in 1930 and Cord in 1944. The Savannah icon is known today as the Gingerbread House, a premier event venue.

Savannah Victorian Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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