Colonel T. L. Huston House, 1927, Butler Island

I’ve shared photos of this favorite landmark in the past, but recently located some interior views. The property has changed hands several times but I believe it’s now owned by the Department of Natural Resources or McIntosh County. Hopefully, they will stabilize this important piece of Georgia history and utilize it as an event space in the future. The interior of the house is no longer publicly accessible.

View of the antebellum rice mill chimney from one of the third floor dormers

Third floor guest quarter details, featuring built in drawers and closets

Blue bathroom

Third floor landing

Second floor landing

Green room

Green bathroom

Marble mantle

Den or drawing room

View of stairway from den

Detail of paneling

1st floor landing

Detail of fanlight

View of foyer from stairway






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4 responses to “Colonel T. L. Huston House, 1927, Butler Island

  1. Harry K. James

    There may be some big news soon about this place

  2. nessie131

    Thanks for sharing the inside pics!! Stunning. Just ride by there on Tuesday ❤️

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  3. Elizabeth LeSueur

    This is absolutely beautiful and I hope it can be restored and preserved!

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  4. Ben

    Beautiful pics Brian. Do you know if the wood used on the interior is cypress? I am familiar with many older houses in the Apalachicola FL area and in a certain era even the modest houses featured beautiful cypress for interior walls, paneling and trim. It is a beautiful feature and looks a lot like the interiors in your post!

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