Hall and Parlor House, Circa 1900, Youngs Island

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Warsaw Lumber Company Vault, 1925, McIntosh County

On the Townsend-Jones road, a sandy washboard that cuts through the middle of nowhere, the only evidence of human presence is a limitless supply of hand-painted signs that mark hunting leases with names like Canal Cut Thru and Rocking Chair. But a few miles in, there’s an unusual brick structure, decidedly out of place. It’s the last tangible evidence of the logging settlement known as Warsaw, so busy at one time that the Seaboard Air Line Railroad ran track through here.

A sawmill and an office were the centerpiece of the community, which was established in 1925. It was essentially a work camp that likely included employee housing. In 1934, a 12-foot flywheel disengaged during operation, ripped the mill apart, and started a fire. The operation continued, on a smaller scale, until 1936. All that remains today is the company vault.

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Clubhouse, Black Island

A group of investors, mostly from Glynn County, established a small private residential community on Black Island beginning in the 1970s. This is their clubhouse.

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Drainage Canal, Black Island

I’m unsure if this dates to the early 1970s, when a group of private investors began building homesites on Black Island, or if it possibly dates to the time of the Spalding family ownership in the 19th century.

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Cleanup of Golden Ray Wreckage Continues in St. Simons Sound

Shortly after departing the Port of Brunswick in the early hours of 8 September 2019, the 656′ cargo ship Golden Ray capsized in the waters of St. Simons Sound, between Driftwood Beach (Jekyll Island) and St. Simons Island. Loaded with around 4000 new Hyundai and Kia automobile en route to the Port of Baltimore, the ship sent out an emergency call around 2:00 AM and within two hours, 20 crew were rescued.  4 remained unaccounted for and a fire was raging on the unstable vessel. Holes were cut in the hull and they were extracted safely by the Coast Guard on Monday. Sector Charleston Capt. John Reed told reporters it was the best day of his career.

It was initially thought that the ship could be saved, but that proved to be infeasible. A recent report in the Navy Times suggests that it could remain in the sea for the next year. Coast Guard Cmdr. Matt Bear says “…the Golden Ray has been slowly sinking in the sand because of the powerful tides…and…the situation makes it impossible to get the ship upright without breaking it apart and creating an even bigger problem.”

One of the biggest immediate concerns at present is the environmental impact of the wreck. The ship’s 30,000-gallon fuel supply has been removed but contaminants from the 4000 vehicles yet to be extracted from the wreckage continue to pose a threat and oil continues to leak. Altamaha Riverkeeper has been monitoring pollution impact and has discovered oil slicks and tarballs in the marshes and tidal rivers of St. Simons and Jekyll Islands. While any environmental impact is potentially problematic for the area’s tourist and fishing economies, it isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, according to the Riverkeeper. The incident well illustrates the balance that must be struck between economic and environmental concerns.

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George’s Bait, Glynn County

Thousands of tourists pass by this sign regularly without giving it much notice. It’s on the southbound side of the Torras Causeway and is inconvenient if you’re heading onto the island. But legions of local fishermen will tell you George’s Bait is the place to get bait in all of Glynn County.

The late George Bennett began a bait business on the other side of the Torras Causeway in 1953 which quickly earned a reputation as the best in the area. In the 1970s, with the four-laning of the causeway, the business moved here, to this tiny hammock in the marsh between Brunswick and St. Simons Island. Shirley Bennett, her son, daughter, and other relatives have kept the business thriving over the years.


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Massengale Beach, St. Simons Island

Driving north from the Village, Massengale is the first public beach you will encounter. In recent years its popularity seems to have waned in favor of East Beach (Coast Guard Beach) but it’s still a great spot. The dunes here are nearly gone but are still recognizable as you enter the beach (above).

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