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Smallest Church in America, McIntosh County

Built in 1949 by Agnes Harper and deeded to Christ, the Smallest Church in America has been a place of refuge for thousands who have traveled US17 over the years. While it isn’t actually the smallest church in America, it’s among the smallest. Such roadside chapels are scattered all over the country. It was lost to arson on 28 November 2015 but a reconstruction effort was in place immediately with contributions of money and materials pouring in from all over the world.

I made the first four photographs of the tiny 190-square-foot before the fire.

Visitors often leave prayers and messages to loved ones who have passed.

The following photos detail the reconstruction of the church, which reopened on 8 April 2017.








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First African Baptist Church, 1868, Darien

The most historic African-American congregation in Darien, and perhaps the entire central part of the Georgia coast, Darien’s First African Baptist was founded in 1822. The present design is based on the design of the church built in 1834, which like much of Darien, was burned by Union troops in 1863. This was not related to General W. T. Sherman’s March to the Sea, as some would assume. For more history, visit the church website.


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Crescent Baptist Church


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Friendship Baptist Church, Harris Neck

This congregation dates to 1895.

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