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Ritz Theatre, 1899, Brunswick

Originally home to the offices of the Brunswick & Birmingham Railroad and the Grand Opera House, the historic Ritz Theatre is a preservation success story. Thanks to the efforts of Heather Heath and the Golden Isles Arts & Humanities Association and the Fox Theatre Institute, the Ritz has returned to its rightful place as a cultural anchor for downtown Brunswick.

Brunswick Old Town Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Yellow Bluff Company Store, Circa 1924, Liberty County

The Yellow Bluff Fishing Camp’s iconic company store survives despite being surrounded by modern development. Such structures were once common at fishing camps throughout Coastal Georgia but nearly all of them have disappeared today, due largely to changing land use. The Yellow Bluff Company established the fishing camp here in 1923 and the store was operating within the first year.

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Sheppard’s Grocery, 1940s, Allenhurst

Darrell Sheppard writes: The old building in Allenhurst was Sheppard’s Grocery. It was built by Troy Allen Sheppard, Sr., after leaving Willie, Georgia, in the 1940s. It had the living quarters in the rear. After his death in 1967 Troy Sheppard, Jr., opened an auto electric repair and operated it until his death in 1991. It now belongs to Darrell Sheppard.

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Todd’s Grocery, 1940s, Gum Branch

The Gum Branch (sometimes written as one word, Gumbranch) community dates to at least 1833, when records show that members of Beard’s Creek Primitive Baptist Church organized Gum Branch Primitive Baptist Church in western Liberty County.

Kyle Corrigan writes: According to my grandma, the store was opened by Charles and Vera Todd, my great-grandparents, sometime in the 1940s. My grandma has memories of working in the store as a teenager in the 1960s, and they actually lived in the house behind the store. In the 50s the store also had gas pumps outside the building, which are currently in my grandma’s possession. The store closed in the late 1980s after Charles passed away and Shuman’s Gas Station (now called E-Z Quick Stop) opened across the street.

My great-grandparents originally lived in Willie, Georgia, but left during World War 2 because of the creation of Fort Stewart on that land. To this day many Todds still live in Gum Branch. In fact, my grandpa actually served as the first mayor after the city was incorporated in 1979. According to my grandpa, they incorporated in order to stop nearby Hinesville from expanding their area, as they feared there would be an increase in tax rates. Also, almost everyone who lives here calls it Gum Branch, but legally it is Gumbranch, apparently the result of a clerical error.

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Lanier, Georgia

Located between Pembroke and Ellabell on US 280, Lanier was established in 1893 and a post office operated here until 1955.

One viewer has identified this as the Stubbs turpentine commissary, but I can’t confirm that at this time.

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Bacon Street, Pembroke

Maxine Todd writes: I love that street. It holds many memories for me. It’s where I stood as a young teenager and waved and shot peace signs to all the soldiers going to Fort Stewart.

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Obelisk Flour Mural, Pembroke

This mural was uncovered in 2011 when the City of Pembroke was working on revitalizing its downtown area. A new mural was planned for this wall, but when workers uncovered this one, it was decided that it was an important asset to the history of the community and was left intact. It was a great save on Pembroke’s part, as I’ve seen several historic murals painted over in towns all over South Georgia in the past few years. There’s a similar mural in Ochlocknee, though its condition is not as good.

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