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Jelly Ball Mural, Darien

Cannonball Jellyfish, or jelly balls, which have traditionally been unwanted in shrimpers’ nets, are now an important moneymaker for Georgia fishermen, third only to shrimp and crab as the state’s leading catch. The jelly balls are dried and shipped to Chinese and Japanese markets. In season, you can even take a tour of the Golden Island International processing facility.


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Foggy Morning in Darien

I live near Darien so I’ve photographed the shrimp boats here more times than I can count. With all the challenges facing independent fishermen, I think it’s important to document their presence.

Seeing them in a coastal fog is a totally different experience.


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Jack Nelson Ford, Darien


This has been remodeled and now serves as the Darien firehouse. Its Streamline Moderne architecture suggests it was likely built from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s. The ‘modern” tabby walls have been replaced by stucco. In transferring materials from one website to another, I have lost the comments, but someone noted that the dealership had another owner besides Jack Nelson. I’ll add that information, as well as photo of its present appearance, as soon as possible. (These photographs were made in 2011).



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Archie’s Restaurant, Circa 1975, Darien


First opened at a nearby location in 1940, and once known as the Shrimp Boat Restaurant, Archie’s was a longtime Darien landmark and a favorite stop for travelers along the busy Coastal Highway (US 17).


As traffic moved off 17 and onto nearby I-95, business slowed and the restaurant was closed by 2006. The structure seen here opened circa 1975 and was demolished in 2015.




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Gable Front House, Darien

darien ga gable front house photograph copyright brian brown vansihing coastal georgia usa 2016

This is one of numerous vernacular houses that’s recently been restored in Darien.

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Raymond Clancy House, Circa 1870, Darien

darien ga raymond clancy house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing coastal georgia usa 2016

Though obscured by landscaping today, Raymond Clancy’s Georgian cottage, built a few years after the Civil War, is one of Darien’s nicest surviving 19th-century homes.

West Darien Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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William Tyson House, Darien

darien ga cape cod house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing coastal georgia usa 2016

Billy Bolin notes that this Cape Cod house was moved to Darien from rural McIntosh County.

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