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Floyd Farm Tobacco Barns, Pembroke

Just outside Pembroke, this row of tobacco barns is reminiscent of a scene that was once common throughout Georgia. Productive farmers often situated their tobacco barns in close proximity on dirt lanes like this one. While many wouldn’t expect to find tobacco cultivation near the coast, northern Bryan County, where Pembroke is located, is more similar to inland Georgia than Coastal Georgia.

Jan Deal Henrix notes that the barns were originally owned by Albert Floyd and are now owned by his nephew.

The barns are in amazing condition, considering they likely date from the 1940s or 1950s.

Thanks to Linda Shaver Starling for bringing these to my attention.

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Mud River, Sapelo Island

This view of the Mud River, near the edge of Sapelo Sound, was made from inside the historic tabby barn at Chocolate.

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Baker-Crane Carriage House, 1886, Jekyll Island

One of the few remaining structures of the Jekyll Island Club which hasn’t been restored, the carriage house used by the Baker and Crane families appears to have at least been stabilized. The upper floor was used to house the carriage drivers and handlers and the lower flower was for storage of carriages and stabling of horses. It was also occasionally used as a social hall for staff of these families.

Jekyll Island National Historic Landmark

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Utility Barn, Townsend

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Tobacco Barn, Bryan County

This was located near Pembroke on US 280. I’m not sure if it’s still standing.

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Reynolds Dairy Barn, 1936, Sapelo Island

The main building housing the University of Georgia Marine Institute was first a dairy operation overseen by tobacco heir Richard Reynolds during his residence on Sapelo Island.

The building has been used for scientific pursuits since 1954.






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Reynolds Estate Guest House, 1934, Sapelo Island

This was a guest cottage and barn for the nearby South End House (Reynolds Mansion). It is a Sears kit house. The barn was likely built at the same time.



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