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Shrimp Shack, Eulonia

Some of the best fresh-off-the-boat shrimp on the coast can be found at the Shrimp Shack on US17 near the Sapelo River in Eulonia.They sell the shrimp heads on. It’s not a restaurant, but this family-owned business is known for their high quality Wild Georgia Shrimp and they’ve been in business for over 20 years. They use a price sign similar to one you’d see at a gas station, and if the open sign is on, they’re open. When they run out of shrimp they close. Simple and perfect.


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Pelican Point, McIntosh County

This spot in the Belleville community on the Sapelo River has been a seafood destination at least since the 1940s, when Rosco’s Place served up fresh local fare to scores of locals. Later, the Barnett family operated the Sandpiper Inn here until it was struck by lightning and burned in the 1960s.  Mike Phillips opened Pelican Point here in 1986 and in 2015 his son Charlie reinvented the restaurant as The Fish Dock at Pelican Point. While some bemoan the loss of the legendary buffet, new patrons are warming up to the fresher seafood now being offered. And the fresh clams come from Charlie’s Sapelo Sea Farms.



The Buccaneer Club, McIntosh County

Since first opening in 1956, the Buccaneer Club was a venerable institution on the coast, especially among locals. Originally a members-only establishment, it was known for its huge platters, brimming with all variety of local and exotic seafood. I photographed it in 2011, not long after a complete remodel or rebuild. According to recent reviews on sites like Trip Advisor and Expedia, the restaurant, located on the Sapelo River near the Belleville community, closed earlier this year.

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Archie’s Restaurant, Circa 1975, Darien


First opened at a nearby location in 1940, and once known as the Shrimp Boat Restaurant, Archie’s was a longtime Darien landmark and a favorite stop for travelers along the busy Coastal Highway (US 17).


As traffic moved off 17 and onto nearby I-95, business slowed and the restaurant was closed by 2006. The structure seen here opened circa 1975 and was demolished in 2015.




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Charlie Teeple’s, Thunderbolt

Charlie Teeple Seafood Market Victory Drive Savannah GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2016

From 1975-2004, Charlie Teeple’s in Thunderbolt was one of Savannah’s favorite seafood restaurants. Steamed crabs and oysters were among their most popular offerings. This building wasn’t the restaurant, which was located on the nearby Wilmington River, but rather Charlie’s retail store, where fresh boiled crabs remained in demand. I’m not sure when it closed, but it’s been abandoned for quite some time.

Charlie Teeple Seafood Market Victory Drive Savannah GA Low Country Boil Painting Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2016



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Cast Net Shrimping, Sapelo Island

Sapelo Island GA Cast Net Fisherman Shrimping Folklife Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2014


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Local Seafood, McIntosh County

Wild Georgia Shrimp with Crinkle Cut French Fries Paper Serving Dish Darien GA McIntosh County Local Seafood Picture Image Photo © Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2013

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of demanding local seafood when visiting the Georgia coast. I bought this fried shrimp and side of fries at a wagon operated by a local fisherman who proudly displayed the Wild Georgia Shrimp sticker at his business. Whatever you do, don’t go to a chain seafood restaurant while you’re on the coast. There are scores of small local seafood joints that residents will gladly direct you to and the price is usually lower and the quantity and quality far superior.


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