Hilton House, Circa 1879, Darien

Built by Colonel Joe Hilton, a principal in the Hilton-Dodge Mills on St. Simons Island and in Darien, this house remains in largely original condition. It is also known as the Hilton-Wilkins House. It is a centerpiece of the historic Vernon Square neighborhood, originally laid out by General Oglethorpe. Later owners have worked admirably to maintain the home’s historic integrity.

Vernon Square-Columbus Square Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Dunwoody-Tyson House, Circa 1890, The Ridge

Built in 1890 by McDonald* Dunwoody, this iconic Folk Victorian home was sold in 1905 to Charles M. Tyson, a prominent timber broker and president of the Darien Bank. It was owned by the Tyson family for many years and was later acquired by the Deans. It’s one of the finest houses extant in The Ridge.

*-One source identifies Mr. Dunwoody as McDonald while another lists him as Walter.

The Ridge Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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General Store, Townsend

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Old City Cemetery, 1736-1806, Darien

One of the earliest documented European cemeteries in Georgia, Darien’s Old City Cemetery is all but gone today. The Highland Scots who first settled Darien’s predecessor, New Inverness, were buried here. The only preserved section of the cemetery contains the crypts of two Loyalists, enclosed in a brick and stone fence. Other earlier known burials were: Hugh Clark, John Cunningham, Donald Fraser, John Grant, Major Elisha B. Hopkins, James MacKay, Archibald McBean, Alexander McDonald, Lt. Colonel William McIntosh, Thomas McKenzie, Angus McLean, Donald McLeod, Hugh Morrison, Alexander Munro, Alexander Murray, David Stewart, Robert Sutherland, Colonel Abitha Thomas.

The two visible crypts contain the remains of John Cunningham [1767-22 June 1806] and his sister, Margaret Cunningham Pearis [1775-18 April 1805]. Margaret was the wife of South Carolina Loyalist Richard Pearis. John and Margaret’s father, Brigadier General Robert Cunningham, was exiled to Nassau, Bahamas and received a land grant from the King for his loyalty. He was well-known in the Bahamas and died there in 1813.


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Vernacular House, Jones

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Gable Front House, Cox


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Second Credit Hill Baptist Church, McIntosh County

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