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First Brunswick Stew Pot, Brunswick

This curious monument in Mary Ross Waterfront Park claims: In this pot the first Brunswick Strew was made on St Simon Isle July 2, 1898. Both Brunswick, Georgia, and Brunswick County, Virginia, claim to be the birthplace of the delectable stew. Tyler Jones wrote a great article exploring the origin story and the rivalry for The Brunswick News. It’s highly possible it originated nowhere near either place, but somewhere in the backwoods, where pioneers made the most of everything they had on hand. We’ll doubtfully never know the whole story, but the old stew pot is a neat attraction, if dubious in origin.



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John Wesley Memorial, 1950, Cockspur Island

Cockspur Island GA John Wesley Memorial Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

This simple brick and marble column commemorates John Wesley’s landing in America on 6 February 1736. Cockspur Island was then known as Peeper Island. The founder of Methodism was sent to the fledgling Georgia colony by the trustees to be a missionary. A quote from Wesley’s journal is memorialized on the column: “Fri. 6,-About eight in the morning I first set my foot on American ground. It was a small uninhabited island,…over against Tybee, called by the English Peeper Island. Mr. Oglethorpe led us through the moorish land on the shore to a rising ground,…we chose an open place surrounded with myrtles, bays, and cedars, which sheltered us both from the sun and wind, and called our little flock together to prayers.”

The memorial was placed in 1950 by the Georgia Society of Colonial Dames and is easily reached from the parking lot at Fort Pulaski National Monument.


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John Wesley Monument, Savannah

Though his association with Savannah was brief and controversial, John Wesley’s presence in the first decade of colonial Georgia’s existence assures him hallowed status. This monument, in Reynolds Square,  was dedicated in 1969. To learn more about Wesley and the Methodist church, pay a visit to the Arthur J. Moore Methodist Museum on St. Simons Island or get in touch with Judi Fergus at the link below. Her enthusiasm for the history of the church is inspiring.

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