Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, 1876, Savannah

The first Catholic congregation was established in Savannah in the late 1700s by Haitian and French expatriates seeking refuge from religious persecution in their native lands. The present structure was built between 1873-1876. The spires were added in 1896 and in 1898 a fire devastated the cathedral, which was completely renovated by 1912. St. John the Baptist has seen many changes and renovations throughout its long history, but remains the heart of an active diocese.

National Register of Historic Places



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3 responses to “Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, 1876, Savannah

  1. Mike

    One of my favorite Savannah churches.

    I use to attend the Annual Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens sponsored by the Historic Foundation; however, in the last few years the crowds caused by the juxtaposition of the Savannah Music Festival have ruined the experience of strolling the peaceful streets of the historic district. I know it’s good for the city and all, but it’s caused me to find new roads to ramble in SE Georgia.

    I’m grateful for your Coastal site.

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