Altamaha River Swing Bridge, Everett

Abandoned by Seaboard Coast Line Railroad in the 1980s, the trestle/swing bridge seen here dates to the days of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, and in the heyday of passenger trains, carried the Orange Blossom Special and other legendary passenger cars. It’s the most prominent landmark at the Altamaha River Park.


The bridge is also a popular landmark for boaters traveling down the Altamaha to the coast.



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6 responses to “Altamaha River Swing Bridge, Everett

  1. William & Deenna Brown

    At the price of scrap steel these days, the railroad would do well to remove this bridge.

  2. David Gilleon

    been there , good picture keep up the good work…

  3. Greg

    This was a Seaboard Air Line bridge, not Atlantic Coast Line that had lines that ran via Waycross and Nahunta.

  4. Ron Hyatt

    The bridge over 341 was a death trap for motorists.

  5. Michael Northrup

    The Glynn County Commissioners need to step it up and support the Georgia Coastal Greenway and the refurbishment of this bridge. A long distance trail is a proven economic benefit for the community. Not to mention the aesthetic, ecological and health benefits trails provide.

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