Headstones of Behavior Cemetery, Sapelo Island

Sapelo slaves and their descendants have been buried at Behavior since 1805. Due to senseless vandalism in the past, the cemetery is now accessible only by permission. See Amy Hedrick’s article on the cemetery for more background.

Fleur-de-lis Marker & Headstone of Isabella, Wife of Monday Robinson

(26 September 1858 – 17 February 1889) Married 6 May 1876

Sallie Hall (15 March 1886 – 7 August 1951)

Ceaser Jackson (17 January 1893 – 7 February 1916)

(Additional Text) He. Die. In. Faith. Sleep. On. Son. Take. You. Rest.

This headstone, along with several others, features the “star” motif common in Gould’s Cemetery.

Charles Walker (1813 – 5 February 1897)

Sarah Wilson (29 July 1881 – 18 November 1940)

Peter Maxwell, Company A, 30th (?) United States Colored Infantry

Liberty Handy (1 August 1856 – 20 May 1916)

Beloved Husband of Katie Brown (1850 – 28 January 1918)

Mary Jackson (1837? – 7 February 1913)

Minto Bell (1780? – 25 August 1890)

The age, as well as the dates on the tombstone, is an estimation; Bintou (Minto) Bell was one of seven daughters of the patriarch of Sapelo Island, Bilali Muhammad (Mohamet).

Mary Wright (13 February 1873 – 29 September 1923)

Boston Gardner (1823-15 June 1920)

Philis Garnder (1839-7 December 1916)

Glasco Grovner (1856-3 November 1928)

Chloe Jacobs (1838-24 September 1893)

Reverend John Dunham (28 February 1859-15 March 1946)

Rachel Dunham (November 1865-November 1937)

Mrs. Nancy

National Register of Historic Places


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3 responses to “Headstones of Behavior Cemetery, Sapelo Island

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  2. Gorgeous photos, but a lot of them are showing up on Find a Grave. If that’s with your leave, please disregard. But I thought you’d like to know. Some folks are pretty bad for using other people’s images, even though Find a Grave forbids it.

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