Gravesite of General Francis Hopkins, Crescent

General Francis Hopkins Headstone Hopkins Belleville Cemetery Crescent GA McIntosh County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2014

In Memoriam – General Francis Hopkins – Obit MDCCCXXI – Aged 49 Years

General Francis Hopkins (10 November 1770 – 5 May 1821) gave the land for this cemetery, known as the Hopkins-Belleville Cemetery. It’s located behind Crescent Baptist Church. Born an only child to South Carolina parents in Bluffton with Loyalist ties, Hopkins and his wife Rebecca Sayre (March 1776 – 3 August 1850) moved to Georgia at the urging of Thomas Spalding, who sold the family several plantations along the coast. They first resided at Chatelet Plantation on Sapelo Island, better known today as Chocolate. He would eventually own five plantations and over 150 slaves.

Hopkins entered the Georgia Militia as a Lieutenant in McIntosh County. He was commissioned a Captain, then a Major of the McIntosh County Battalion during the War of 1812. In 1817 he was commissioned Brigadier-General, 1st Brigade of the 1st Division, in command of the militia in the counties of Wayne, Camden, Glynn, Liberty, McIntosh, Bryan, Chatham and Effingham.

General Hopkins served eight terms as McIntosh County’s representative in the state legislature and spent two years as a state senator. He was a justice of the McIntosh Inferior Court from 1813 until his death.

Crescent GA McIntosh County Hopkins Belleville Cemetery General Hopkins Family Plot Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2014

The enclosed burial plot of his family is the most interesting feature of the cemetery. To access the site, you walk up a set of steps and then down a set of steps to get inside the enclosure.

Crescent GA McIntosh County General Francis Hopkins Family Burial Enclosure Plantation Owner Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2014

Crescent GA McIntosh County General Francis Hopkins Family Burial Enclosure Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2014

The smaller enclosure within the walls is likely the earliest feature; the bricks are beginning to collapse.



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8 responses to “Gravesite of General Francis Hopkins, Crescent

  1. Rick Schwertfeger

    Curious: If the dates are correct, Hopkins was 50 when he died, not 49. ???

  2. Wonderful and so interesting Brian!

  3. Kathleen Howard Alexander

    In the same cemetery directly in front of the stairs are my parents (Allen Montez Howard Sr & Lena Lavenia Segui Howard), my grandparents (Clinton H. Howard & Kathleen LaRoche Howard). To right of that are multiple members of the LaRoche family that lived in the old house shown under this same site. Which includes my great grandparents, Archibald & Laura Gatehouse LaRoche). Multiple of their children/ family graves are scattered around the cemetery.

  4. Thank you for this post! Such a beautiful and detailed transcription of Gen. Francis Hopkins and his achievements. I am excited to see someone as thrilled about my descendants burial site as I am! It truly is something interesting. My name is Chris Kuithe, grandson of Winnifred (Honey) Fanning Durdan, daughter of Captain (Skipper) Thomas Spalding Hopkins; direct descendant of Gen. Francis Hopkins. I am fairly new in discovering my family’s robust history but am incredibly excited to learn more and connect the dots where I can!

    • Meagan Kidd Phillips

      Chris…. This is Meagan Phillips .. granddaughter of Elizabeth Hopkins Kidd. Elizabeth was the sister to your Grandfather Thomas Spalding Hopkins. I too am thankful for the beautiful transcription of General Hopkins life and lifetime achievements. Would be wonderful for our families to meet sometime and possibly do some grooming at our families burial site.

  5. Charlotte Wertz

    I’m Charlotte Hopkins, daughter of Douglas C. Hopkins, his father Paran Moody Hopkins, his mother was Estelle Hopkins. Thank you so much for the information. Trying to go back as far as I can, and am finding out so much about my history. I think I have made it all the way back to Charles Rinaldo Floyd (1797-1845). still trying to verify all this. Thank you the Pictures as well.

  6. Candace Ammons

    The larger of the two bricks were placed to see how well balanced the children were while taken to mourn their family deaths… And which of us might still be living.
    That’s all i remember, anyway… Running in circles around the brick, faster and faster as a child. Now, if like to know so much about my family history before i lose the opportunity!

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