LaRoche House, Crescent


This house likely dates to the 1870s, but that is just a guess. Bobbie Spikes identified it as her grandparents’ home when I first published the images in 2012. Teresa LaRoche Riley, whose father grew up here as well, recently shared a photo of the house on Facebook and that gave me the encouragement I needed to consolidate all my photos into one post. It is likely beyond repair, but it’s a wonderful remnant of a lost generation in Coastal Georgia.


The house still retains its original kitchen.


An interior view indicates it was occupied as recently as 20-25 years ago.








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5 responses to “LaRoche House, Crescent

  1. Nfutral

    This house is incredible. I wish it could be stabilized and preserved. I’m not a big fan of moving structures from their original place, but this one would definitely be a candidate.

  2. Marie LaRoche

    My Great Grandfather Archibald LaRoche purchased this home and land from a woman here in Florida in 1800s. I have the letters he wrote to her about the home. I was told just recently it was sold? I don’t understand how this could be when my father is still living, and has not said anything about our grandmothers home being sold? I need to check into this. So much history here, living there as a child was what always took me back. My name the same as my grandmothers, proud to be the LaRoche daughter, and granddaughter that I am. May the book I am writing give justice, and peace.

  3. Kathleen Alexander

    My grandmother, Kathleen LaRoche Howard, was raised there from age 2 until married. She married Clinton Henry Howard. Previously his mother, Lenora Howard Smith, ran a boarding house until she married, Mr. Smith and moved to the Ridge in McIntosh county until her death in approx. 1960 or 1961. Apparently that is where Kathleen & Clinton met.

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