Raymond Clancy House, Circa 1870, Darien

darien ga raymond clancy house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing coastal georgia usa 2016

Though obscured by landscaping today, Raymond Clancy’s Georgian cottage, built a few years after the Civil War, is one of Darien’s nicest surviving 19th-century homes.

West Darien Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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5 responses to “Raymond Clancy House, Circa 1870, Darien

  1. vanne hanisch-godoy

    I like it too! Another fine house for its day!!

  2. jodie updike

    very nice picture

  3. Raymond West

    Raymond and Mary Clancy were my Grandparents. I well remember the house. Porch across front and side and pickett fence in front with 3 large magnolias

    • Raymond, my wife and I purchased this wonderful and very well-constructed house in 2012, when we retired from Cherokee County. What can you tell us about your grandfather Raymond and his family?

  4. Raymond West,
    Capt. Jack McGowan, of Savannah, writes on his website (“Coastal River Charters”) that his grandfather, Raymond Clancy of Darien, was involved in the timber business. He also states that his great-grandfather on his mother’s side, Capt. James T. Clancy, was one of the original bar pilots for the Port of Darien between 1871 and 1891.
    My wife and I have lived in the house since 2012, and it is known here as the Raymond Clancy House. Could it be this Capt. James T. Clancy was the actual builder of the house?

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