Abandoned Amphitheater, 1973, Jekyll Island

The view from the stage gives an appreciation of the size of the now-abandoned Jekyll Island Amphitheater, most recently used in collaboration between the Jekyll Island Authority and Valdosta State University, which lasted from 1989 until 2004.

Each summer, three performances were staged here as a part of the Jekyll Island Musical Theatre Festival.

Budget constraints eventually ended the festival and the the amphitheater has been abandoned ever since.

There has been an effort to resurrect the amphitheater for several years and its preservation is on the long-term agenda of the Jekyll Island Authority.

The ‘ruins’ are surrounded by natural forests and adjacent to a pond known largely to birdwatchers. A short walk is required to access the site, near the Jekyll Island Fire Station. In summer, bug spray is a must.


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8 responses to “Abandoned Amphitheater, 1973, Jekyll Island

  1. My Alma Mater (1980) and I never knew about this. I hope that they can restore and use it. Maybe they can establish some regular events to be held here and keep it going.

  2. Nature takes over so quickly.

  3. AC

    I remember this place well, The Sound of Music, Hello Dolly, Guys & Dolls, Brigadoon, etc. Three shows every summer. In the late 70s – early 80s, FSU’s theater program ran the summer stock theatre program. Briefly, in the mid to late 80s, UGA took over, with Valdosta picking it up in 1989. Each year, I gave my parents season tickets to the Jekyll summer theater. So, I remember when it ended… very disappointing and sad to see how it has declined.

  4. Hazel Underwood

    It was a magical place! I so wish they would refurbish it and put it back in operation. We planned our trips to the island around those performances!

  5. Nos

    I saw the band “Flood” perform their rock opera “Dear little man” there in September 1973. A great performance in a great setting.

  6. Debra King

    I saw the performance “Oklahoma” there. Loved the atmosphere! I too wish it could be refurbished. What if the Jekyll Island Club and the Westin got together with JIA and offered performances in packages. Just a thought!

  7. Jackie Dudley

    We have several photos of this taken a few years ago. Let me know if you want to see them and I can send a link to my blog (no advertising) just a way to keep our photos organized.

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