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Doboy Sound, McIntosh County

Separating Sapelo Island from the mainland marshes and Wolf Island, Doboy Sound is an important estuary to recreational visitors and researchers, as well. The ferry route from Meridian to Sapelo Island or vice versa is one of the most pleasant excursions on the immediate Georgia coast.


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Sapelo Island Ferry Katie Underwood

Boarding the ferry Katie Underwood  at Meridian

Passengers enjoying the sights of Doboy Sound on the Katie Underwood

Disembarking at Sapelo Island

Sapelo fading into the distance on the return trip to Meridian.

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Sapelo Island Lighthouse, 1820 & Oil House, 1890

The brick oil house seen here was restored, along with the lighthouse, in 1998. It stored the kerosene used to power the light; five gallons would usually keep it burning all night.

This is the second oldest surviving brick lighthouse in America and the oldest surviving construction of the great lighthouse architect Winslow Lewis.

National Register of Historic Places

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Front Range Beacon, 1877, Sapelo Island

Range beacons such as this one were navigational aids built near existing lighthouses. Once common, they are virtually unknown today and this is the only such beacon of this type of construction still standing in America. This example provided extra light for boats in Doboy Sound (above).


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