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Queen Anne House, Brunswick

Like several of Brunswick’s landmark homes, this one has a twin.

Brunswick Old Town Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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Georgian Cottage, Circa 1870, Darien

The Georgian Cottage is not the most prolific but perhaps the most iconic house type among Darien’s oldest surviving post-Civil War structures. Oral tradition suggests that this was one of the first built  after the war, which would corroborate the circa 1870 date most commonly cited. [Though lumber mills were rebuilt soon after the Civil War, it was a few years before residential construction commenced]. I’ve been unable to locate any information about the builder, but thanks to the present owners, Noel Gieleghem & Brandon Tyson, I’ve been able to fill in a few of the missing pieces. Noel notes: We are sadly ill-informed about the history of the house. [Mary Sue Rogers, who lived in the house as a little girl, shared some of the information with Noel. Her father was Conrad Rogers]. We believe it was built in 1870…The Florida room on the south side was added by Conrad Rogers in the late 1940s. It had a flat roof but we put on a pitched roof to match the other part of the house. A kitchen and back bathroom were also added at some point. There was just a stoop on the front when we bought the house and we added a front porch. Mary Sue confirmed that there was indeed a front porch on the house originally, similar to the one we re-added. The Robert Bennett family were later owners. 

Noel & Brandon have tastefully renovated the house and their beautifully landscaped yard is a highlight of the neighborhood.


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Patelidas Bungalow #1, 1940, Darien

This is one of three nearly identical Crafstman-inspired gable-front bungalows built by Gen or Stelio Patelidas as rental properties in 1940 [to my understanding]. I believe at least one  is presently being restored.

West Darien Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Fort Screven Cottage, Tybee Island

This cottage is sandwiched between Solomon and Van Horn Avenues. I first thought it dated to the early 1900s, but recently learned that the original structure on this site burned in 2007. I assume this is a reconstruction but it’s still a great structure.


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Army Mess Hall, 1905, Tybee Island

Fort Screven Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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Tabby Slave Dwellings, 1820s-1840s, Ossabaw Island

Modified for residential use in the 20th century and restored in the late 2000s, the three extant tabbies on Ossabaw Island represent the most significant surviving cluster of slave dwellings on the Georgia coast. They were part of the Morel family’s North End Plantation, which was among the most successful such operations in early Georgia. Though exact construction dates for the tabby row can’t be determined, extensive archaeological research has determined they were built between circa 1820-1840s. Various Ossabaw employees lived in these structures into the early 1990s and they were modified to accommodate modern needs. Nearly all traces of those modifications have been removed and restoration work has been done.

Tabby Slave Cabin No. 1 -Like the other two cabins, this was originally a saddlebag though the central chimney has been removed.

Tabby Slave Cabin No. 2 – This cabin retains its central chimney.

Tabby Slave Cabin No. 3- This cabin has been stabilized and will eventually be restored. Past modifications are still visible.

National Register of Historic Places


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The Skeet House, 1930s, Jekyll Island

Outdoor recreation was a primary goal of the Jekyll Island Club from its inception. Though hunting had fallen out of widespread popularity among club members by 1910, skeet and trap shooting remained popular among both men and women in the Club. The Skeet House was originally located a mile north of its present location on the Skeet and Trap Range used by members of the Jekyll Island Club. Due to policies governing developed and undeveloped land on the island, it was moved and restored in 2014 so it could be appreciated by the public.

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