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Hardware Store, Pembroke

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Kwik Chek, Groveland

Though this store has had numerous incarnations over the years, the old Sunbeam Bread sign out front indicates that it was once known as Kwik Chek #1. The sign has rusted since I made the shot below (in 2011), but the place remains a Groveland landmark.

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Laura’s Grocery, Groveland

On 28 August 2014 Joe Driggers wrote to say that his grandmother, Laura Sauls Driggers Bland, used to run a small grocery store out of this building. He also notes that in its earliest days it served as the Groveland Post Office.

In January 2012 Janet F. Dubois of Winston-Salem NC wrote:  I remember Groveland when I was a child. My grandfather used to live there and run a little store which I believe at one time was in one side of the joined together building. The store used to be one room on the side of his house. The house no longer stands as many of the other houses are gone too. I still travel through Groveland occasionally and remember so vividly that is where I was when the news of the Meldrim train disaster happened in 1959. I was 11 at that time. There is an old cemetery there behind all the old buildings for the film made there that my Grandmother was buried in…in the mid 20’s. My own mother lost track of the burial plot due to lost grave markers and the moving of the original fences. Oh how I wish we could have found it before she herself passed away. It was her dream to locate her mother’s grave and have it moved. Sad what happens to our cemeteries and landmarks…

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Mrs. Lottie’s General Store, Everett

Donna Lowery Murphy writes: I was born about 20 miles away but we lived in Everett City. Mrs. Lottie’s store was right down the road from my house. Mrs. Lottie was a very large lady and also large as life. She sat in a rocker and ran the cash register. Her husband was tall and skinny. She did a good business because she was the store on the way to the river which was just 3 miles away., so she had lots of fisherman and campers shopping there.

Anthony Gray: I can remember shopping in Lottie’s store as a kid, her sitting in a recliner while operating the cash register.

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General Store & Post Office, Circa 1925, Walthourville

Jonell Blitch notes that in the 1950’s this was a general store that sold dry goods and linens and home delivery groceries. You could run monthly tabs to buy needed supplies. [It was] owned and operated by Jimmy and Betty Blitch.  I believe Wallace and Johnny Mallard were earlier owners. It also served as the Walthourville post office.



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Stacy’s Store, Flemington

In Liberty County: A Pictorial History (Hinesville, Liberty County Board of Commissioners, 1979), Virginia Fraser Evans writes: The exact date of this store is unknown. It was built by William Bates Trask, originally from Massachusetts. He and Frederick Newsom Lyons operated a general store and the post office in Flemington and Riceboro under the name of Lyons and Trask. Mr. Trask and his wife, Jane Margaret, lived in the house next door. The store and post office were later operated by Peter Fleming Martin, Sr., and Herbert Lowery Stacy, Sr. The store has been closed for many years. The building is well-maintained and the last I recall, was used as a church.

In 2014, Francoise Hipp Fussell wrote: I haven’t seen this store since I was 5 years old attending first grade at Bradwell Institute! That was 61 years ago. That is truly amazing. I can’t believe that it’s still there. Sylvia Montez LeMier shared her reminiscences as well: I have sweet childhood memories of walking to Stacy’s Store with my grandmother, Ethel Quarterman Day, and cousins, in the 50’s.

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Abandoned Store, Crescent



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